Pyramid ring in 18k two tone gold crowned with triangular engravings and decorated with gemstones.

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For much of recorded human history, the Pyramids have stood as a symbol of spirituality, stability and personal growth. The base of the pyramid, its body, like this pyramid ring, binds us to the earth.

The upward diagonal rise of its inclines depicts a growth: a progressive ascent to new heights and insights. Its peak is the apogee of our achievement; a self-actualizing reconciliation of our reality with our higher ideals.

The love in partnership, often at the fore of this self-actualization is one such higher ideal. Yellow gold is an analog to the rising sun – its joy and the success in its warmth and expansiveness. The sunrise is an unendingly refreshed symbol of a new beginning.

In observing a thousand sunsets, one is never numb to the consistence of its majesty and inspiration.

If you know true love, you will readily identify how similar the inspiration of a loving partner can be: how moving it is to be in the powerful presence of a person whose warmth yields returns undiminishing.

White gold similarly captures beauty, purity, and everlasting love. Endowed with a symbolic patrimony that dates as far back as ancient Egypt, it has long represented the power of marriage.

It is said to keep negative energy at bay, freeing our capacities to foster growth and love in our relationships. This pyramid ring is an alliance marrying the grace of white gold with the superb luster of yellow gold in 18k, sealed with triangular engravings and enameled with delicate sparkling white diamonds, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, rhodolites, chrome-diopsides, and african amethysts (customizable).

The union of both gold colors harmonizes in perfect congruence with all skin tones. Whether pale and temperate, a warmer shade of apricot, or dark and velvety – this golden pyramid ring sits perfectly in complement to the total range of complexions.

It’s an apt reminder that no matter how visually distinct a couple appears to be, they are made of the same material. It doesn’t matter what circumstances unite people who love each other deeply.

Some look towards horoscopes for advice, many turn to matchmakers and dating apps, some will simply wait to meet the right person. However varied the impetuses for love, there are many such loves that, by these methods and standards, seem like they should not work.

Yet love persists all the same. Whether it be love at first sight, unexplainable chemistry, or that kind of love that feels like when God took Adam’s own rib to make his perfect companion– there is no doubt of the unbreakable bond between two people who share such a tender connection.

We believe the pyramid is a symbol that breaks through the barriers of tradition and superstition. It doesn’t matter if two people don’t have matching signs, horoscopes or backgrounds: love is still love, and is so much more formidable than the outward and the superficial.

The pyramid is equally an iconic and grand symbol, making this gold pyramid ring the one that signifies all types of lifelong devotions. Each triangular marking additionally signifies the stages of human life.

Like the peaks and valleys of the pyramid, we will each encounter durations of potent highs and deep but temporary lows.

In these personalized gemstones, the difficult moments a couple navigates together crown the peak of each pyramid. At its rockiest, life promises a gemstone at the end of every difficulty; similar in its certainty is the pyramid ring’s significance as an emblem for indefinite bonds.

Pyramids have been used to represent both endings and new beginnings. As one stage of life as a singular, atomized soul comes to an end, a new stage begins where you walk through life with the one you love.

This is truly a metaphor for the most beautiful of unions, the marriage of two gold colors, uniting like two soul mates, for better or for worse, facing the challenges of life symbolized by these subtly encrusted pyramids. A timeless piece made to measure and to seal an eternal love.

We care to offer you a unique experience by paying special attention to the preparation of your jewellery. Every detail has been worked with care.

Presented in an elegant setting, This pyramid ring includes a certificate of authenticity, a refined box in leather, a suede pouch and a cleaning cloth in 100% cotton, all perfectly protected to reach you.

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Technical Details

Precious Metal

18k Gold

Gold Filled



Amethyst, Chrome diopside, Pink sapphires, Rhodolites, White diamonds, Yellow sapphires

Diamond clarity grade



51 1/2, 52 3/4, 54, 55 1/4, 56 1/2, 57 3/4, 59, 60 1/4, 61 1/2, 62 1/8, 64






2 years


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