18k gold Spiral ring

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The gold spiral ring is an allegory of creation. Inspired by the symbol of the spiral, this jewel in 18k yellow gold embossed with twisted spokes, and buttoned with small gold dots that tell us a story, a cycle, an evolution and an endless renewal. 

Each spiral button is a representation of growth and change. A spiral begins from an origin-point of nothing: an analogue for nothingness that precedes the beginning of everything. Creating something from nothing can be a challenge, but the only way is to start moving forward. The first few cycles of the spiral are small, and it may not feel like much progress is being made. 

The thought of change and a new start might begin to discourage you from wanting to make progress. Yet you don’t waver, you persist and continue to build your own spiral. Ring after ring, cycle after cycle, your journey through the progression of concentric spirals sees your progression, expanse and growth. You take a moment to look back and realize how far you’ve journeyed. 

At first it seems impossible to start something new and make something out of it, but it is only by moving forward and embracing change that you can gain something amazing out of it. 

A ring is simultaneously a representation of eternity. It is one continuous and never-changing loop that we use to embody the eternal features and cycles of life: Eternities like love, kindness, and the soul. While it is important to embrace change, it is also important to hold onto the feelings and virtues that last a lifetime. 

This gold spiral ring is the synthesis of these seemingly paradoxical concepts. It becomes a sign of things that last forever, yet remain in a state of flux. The love we feel for a person can last forever, but the ways we express it will evolve as we mature. A young child will show love differently from a teenager, who will in-turn express it differently from their senior. It’s the same love that is felt, but that is shown through different iterations. 

That is what makes this gold spiral ring such a precious piece of jewelry – A delicate and minimalist piece, this ring is a true metaphor for life, like the spiral movement, omnipresent and infinite like the universe. 

This spiral ring acts as a reminder of this balance. It is tempting to try and avoid change and focus solely on the things where we think we have permanence and stability. Although changing too much and losing yourself is another path that is trouble to venture down, to nourish the soul and live a life that is filled with opportunity and happiness, both virtues are necessary to hold onto. 

We need to hold onto the pieces of our soul that guide us through our life while keeping a readiness and willingness to accept change. This is how we are able to grow and live fulfilling lives. This is what this beautiful golden spiral ring represents in its simple, yet impactful design. 

We care to offer you a unique experience by paying special attention to the preparation of your jewellery. Every detail has been worked with care.

Presented in an elegant setting, This spiral ring includes a certificate of authenticity, a refined box in leather, a suede pouch and a cleaning cloth in 100% cotton, all perfectly protected to reach you.


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Technical Details

Precious Metal

18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow Gold

Gold Filled



51 1/2, 52 3/4, 54, 55 1/4, 56 1/2, 57 3/4, 59, 60 1/4, 61 1/2, 62 1/8, 64






2 years


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