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From a very young age, I knew that jewellery was the field of my calling.

I create Jewellery according to my lifestyle, between modernism and past adapting to a constant evolution of who I am.

Everything about my Jewellery is precious, from metal to stones to which I give a new life for you.
Fearless Jewellery represents strength and audacity, both marked with the seal of beauty.

I connect nature and my story behind each piece, so that the intrepid woman feels transported.

I take pride in every aspect of my work. As a mother of three in the Caribbean, it is a challenge to live in a traditional world where women are not valued for their status as entrepreneurs.

From designing to manufacturing, my jewellery is worked with meticulousness and precision in every detail.

My workshop in Bangkok fulfills all my creative expectations. Each piece of Jewellery is the object of special attention, specific discussions, repeated trials, patience, and impatience, without forgetting time, the eternal friend of perfection.

My patience and relationship to time have forged my dedication to the world of Jewellery. Thanks to generations of independent and courageous women from my family, “FEARLESS” women whose values are found in every Fearless design. My slogan is that in every valorous woman, there is a jewel ”.

This melting pot of artists evolving in fashion sewed an ardor in me, which grew and became a full-time vocation.
Fearless Jewellery is the legacy of this atypical family of characters overflowing with creative and always innovative ideas, even ahead of time.

Fearless Jewellery was imagined under the sun and the splendours of Saint-Lucia but was born in Luxembourg, my second home.