Tulip necklace in 18k rose gold or gold plated on sterling silver

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This rose gold tulip necklace emulates love and voyage. A floral path that led me to the gardens of multicolored tulips in the Netherlands. 

My first daughter was just a baby when I decided to take a trip to the Netherlands with my family. It was just a four hour drive from Luxembourg, but our eagerness prolonged the journey.

The idea of visiting Amsterdam was exciting for all of us, and our enthusiasm on the way there was palpable. I had no idea that the tulip flower was the national flower of the Netherlands so I was in awe that I arrived with all this floral diversity and color at this time in spring.

I can reminisce at length about my history with the tulip flower, but my strongest recollection is of the time I spent as a child drawing tulips of varying hues, shapes and contortions. 

In retrospect, my tulips better resembled ice-cream cones, but it was as realistic an interpretation as my young, precocious imagination needed at the time.

Where would I have seen this flower? In a movie or cartoon perhaps? It’ll come to me one day, but it remains amazing to me how childhood memories can so powerfully prime our appreciation of the world as adults. 

Seeing these tulips and having the redolent image of my childhood drawings channeled into memory was an inexplicably profound kind of déjà vu – an intense nostalgia and awe working in tandem.

This is how this gold tulip necklace was imagined, inspired by the beauty and emotion of floral splendors, natural and delicate, from the core of a childhood souvenir to this trip.

I could not be insensitive to so much splendor and detail, and it was this emotional overwhelm that gave heart to these gold tulip flower earrings and the tulip flower jewellery collection.

The tulip flowers were first introduced to Western Europe in the second half of the 16th century by Ogier de Busbecq and the first tulip bulbs and seeds were sent to Vienna in 1554 from the Ottoman Empire.

It was not until in 1593 that the tulip flower was brought to the Netherlands gaining in popularity, and diversifying in color and appearance.

Artists began to contribute to the flower’s cultural acclaim through their paintings. Tulips quickly gained symbolic value, embodying opulence, wealth, and abundance among the upper-class of society: becoming the national icon of the Netherlands.

As a coveted and extolled symbol of the nation, their increasing scarcity would contribute further to their value; the flower would be sought after so widely that it became an exclusive rarity traded at lofty prices for elite clientele. The phenomenon would mark such an odd punctuation in Dutch history that it

was dubbed ‘Tulip Mania’. In Persian mythology the tulip is considered the flower of love. The legend of the red tulip tells the love story of Farhad and princess Shirin. 

Having no noble origin or title and owning nothing else to offer but his loving and open heart, the young man was put to the challenge by the father of the princess, who did not want his beloved daughter to marry a commoner.

When designing this tulip necklace, I wanted to interpret the beauty and harmony of the tulip flower by combining gold finishes and enamel.

A flower with satin finished petals bordered by light and its stem shielded by a gradient of pink enamel from light to dark in 18k rose gold or gold plated on sterling silver. This tulip collection also includes a pair of earrings.

This tulip necklace is for the delicate and romantic woman like a painting from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

We care to offer you a unique experience by paying special attention to the preparation of your jewellery. Every detail has been worked with care. 

Presented in an elegant setting, these tulip necklace includes a certificate of authenticity, a suede pouch and a cleaning cloth in 100% cotton, all perfectly protected to reach you.

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Technical Details

Precious Metal

Sterling silver 92.5, 18k Rose gold


18k Rose gold

Gold Filled




Chain Width


Pendant Height


Pendant Width



2 years


16 grams, 23.6 grams


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