This is a collection enlivened by one of my favorite candies. The hazelnut chips in the nougat chocolate gave form to this exceptional design.

I love gold nuggets and their symbiosis with earth. I imagined myself refining them, working them into a jewel to sublimate the woman, to embellish her and give her a luminous aura.

The nougat chocolate reminds me of gold and all its nuances.

From yellow to pink gold, it is a symphony of sweet tastes, colors, satisfactions and delicacies.

This collection is my gift for your holiday season or a birthday gift as I was born on Christmas day.

This piece is a blend of detailed craftsmanship and 3D manufacturing.

Our workshop persevered to bring these treasures to life, but it was patience and skill that made it a success.

The NOUGAT WOMAN is the nugget to be earned. The difficult one to tame perhaps.

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