Coral necklace in 18k gold, gold or platinum plated on sterling silver with diamonds

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In the ocean, Coral reefs deliberately expand their environment, feeling no rush. “Have you been hurrying around while forgetting about the support for your own sacred space? Have you neglected setting up proper foundations for a project or goal?

Invoke your Coral Power Animal when you want to stand strong during one of the most challenging times of your life. Coral provides mettle, fortitude, perseverance, and constancy to see things through and find a sound solution.

Because coral tends to fade over time, especially when exposed to heat or direct light sources, I thought why not design a piece that inspires a deep appreciation to the natural coral? In awe of the colour, the symmetry and its beauty, this coral bracelet preludes the essence of the ocean’s rainforest.

The dynasty and finery in which this diamond coral bracelet was designed and crafted truly encompasses in itself craftsmanship like no other, a unique feeling of premium exclusiveness made to measure only by Fearless Jewellery.

With a closest interpretation to the coral, see how the details of this piece follow themselves in an infinite, circular pattern and are glimmered at each end by a round diamond. This collection was also designed in three gold colours for diversity.

Whether you are into bold statement pieces or subtle designs, Owning this exquisite gold coral bracelet imbues your inner beauty. Embody your most desirous and audacious self with this highly authentic luxury jewelry that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Like the coral, a highly-prized substance believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties, a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality, this gold and diamond coral bracelet, an antique piece of jewelry cultivates the image of success and power to its wearer.

Coral teaches you how to work with your natural energy wheels while getting you in touch with your compassionate nature. Greeks tell us Coral formed from the blood of Medusa, transforming something ugly into a treasure. Roman women wore Coral as a fertility charm.

The Victorians used Coral as a safeguard from the evil eye. Therefore, Coral bears the energetic attributes of preservation, security, metamorphosis, and virility. Thanks to the diversity of colours in Coral growths, you can consider each separately for greater metaphysical value.

We care to offer you a unique experience by paying special attention to the preparation of your jewellery. Every detail of this luxury jewelry has been worked with care and precision.

Presented in an elegant setting, this fine jewelry includes a certificate of authenticity, a suede pouch and a cleaning cloth in 100% cotton, all perfectly protected to reach you.


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Technical Details

Precious Metal

18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow Gold, Sterling silver 92.5


18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow gold






31.6 grams, 43.9 grams


White diamonds

Diamond Weight

0.99 cts

Diamond clarity grade


Diamond Colour



2 years


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